Czech Visa Consultation and Assistance Services

Since 2014 we have been providing assistance to our clients from all over the world. Our professional care has helped dozens of clients get not only their visas and residence permits but also business licenses, parking permits, residence confirmations an other documents. We understand that dealing with Czech authorities could bring a lot of stress due to not knowing the Czech language and that's why our services will make your visa process a cakewalk.

Free consultation

Feel free to contact us for scheduling of a free consultation. We will gladly meet you, discuss your situation and suggest a proper solution. 

Quick solution

With our experience we know how to handle things fast. Let us solve your visa application to save your precious time and nerves.

Reasonable Fees

Compared to other visa agencies we dare to say we have the best prices of our services in Prague. Prove us wrong and we will give you the best price.

Customize your service!

If you have your visa situation solved but looking for an assistance with anything else where you need translations or support just let us know.

Our services

Whether you are planning to visit the Czech Republic as a tourist, want to attend a business conference, start a business or you already have a residence permit and want to bring your spouse and children to the Czech Republic, it does not matter to us. We have a solution for everyone in every situation. Here is a quick preview 

Visa and immigration assistance

SHORT TERM VISA (C type) - up to 90 days of validity for Tourism, Family or Friends visit, Business trip etc.

LONG TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT - up to 2 years of validity mainly for family reunification, business and employment.

LONG TERM VISA (D type) - 90 to 180 days of validity for family reunification, business, studies etc.

FOREIGNERS POLICE REGISTRATION - for Third party nationals it is necessary to register within 3 days of their arrival

VISA / RESIDENCE PERMIT EXTENTION - if your current visa expires soon we will help with the extention

Business services

BUSINESS LICENSE - for freelancers we will provide assistance with obtaining of a Business license (Zivnostensky list)

INCORPORATION - with our assistance you can acquire a ready made company or establish your own company

BUSINESS CONSULTING  - advisement for newly established businesses in the Czech Republic on Tax, HR, Marketing, Competition, Location inquiries and much more

LABOUR DEPARTMENT MATTERS - creating of a vacancy for foreigners for your company, announcing of changes etc.

Other services

HEALTH INSURANCE - our associate insurance broker has the best deal for your health insurance

VEHICLE REGISTRATION - bought a new (or used) car? Let us handle the registration

PARKING PERMIT - in some districts of Prague it is necessary to obtain the parking permit

BANK ACCOUNT - in case you need help creating of a bank account

PRAGUE TOURS - explore the city of Prague with us


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